Fungus of the Skin

A fungus problem of the skin, also better known as Athlete's Foot, is the most common type of infection of the skin on the feet.  It is typically transmitted in moist areas where people are barefoot such as showers, saunas, hot tubs or spas.  Although it typically starts in the feet it can spread to other parts of the body if not treated properly.

Signs and Symptoms

It is often first noticed as an itching sensation, usually between the toes.  The skin may have small blisters and be peeling, scaling or flaking.  The blisters and any cracks can lead to exposed raw tissue, pain, swelling and inflammation.


Athlete's foot can usually be diagnosed by visual inspection but if there is uncertainty your doctor can take a scraping of the affected skin and send it to a lab for accurate diagnosis.  These infections are most often treated with topical medications quite effectively.  Hygiene is very important in treating and preventing infections by keeping your feet dry and covered.

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