Are you experiencing a shooting, burning, or stinging pain in the ball of your foot?  If so, you may have a neuroma. A neuroma, also known as a Morton's Neuroma, is an enlarged nerve that usually occurs between the third interspace, which is located between the third and fourth toes.  This often causes the pain or even numbness that you are feeling.  The reason this happens may not always be readily apparent.  It occus in women more often then men, possibly due to the type confining shoes women wear for long periods of time.

Signs and Symptoms

Shooting, burning or stinging pain in the ball of your foot are the hallmarks of a neuroma.  You may also have numbness.  It may be so painful that it is difficult to wear shoes.


Corticosteroid injections are common and can provide effective and efficient relief from the pain.  Orthotics also help tremendously by taking pressure off of the area.  Changing your shoes and resting your feet helps.  If you are still experiencing pain, surgery may be required to bring you relief.

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