Pain Above the Feet

The feet are our entire body's foundation.  They contain 1/4 of all of our bones and bear all the weight of our body.  Problems with our feet will affect many other areas of our bodies including our hip and knee joints, muscles, and even our backs.  The most common problem is excessive pronation which is when the feet roll or point inwards.  This strains the knees, thighs and hips which can cause pain, shin splints and bursitis in the hips.

Signs and Symptoms

Excessive pronation is when the feet turn inwards and puts strain on our shins, knees, thighs, hips and lower back.  It can cause pain, shin splints and even bursitis.


A thorough exam by your podiatrist will pinpoint the problems in your feet that are causing your other symptoms in your lower body.  Icing, exercises, ultrasound therapy and orthotics will very likely be recommended as courses of treatment to support the feet and get and keep them in correct alignment.

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