Pigmented Lesions

Most pigmented lesions are actually moles and freckles but one lesion to be very concerned about is malignant melanoma.  Melanoma can occur on the foot or lower extremity or may even form under the toenails.  Often the skin next to the nail is ulcerated or has a wound.  Actinic Keratosis is another lesion on the feet that can be cancerous but are often mistaken for warts.

Signs and Symptoms

Lesions that appear to be warts should be checked out by your podiatrist.  Be careful to watch for pigmented lesions that appear suddenly or lesions that start to change in appearance.  Call your podiatrist immediatley if you notice these changes.


Freezing of the lesions with liquid nitrogen or excision of the lesion is often performed.  The lesion may be sent to a lab to detemine if it is cancerous.

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