Toenail Fungus

Fungal problems of the toenails is an unsightly infections that causes the nails to become yellow, thick, discolored, brittle, and in some cases even painful.  This condition is caused by one of several possible microorganisms that thrive in warm, dark, moist environments such as in your shoes and socks.  They grow beneath your nails in your nail bed.  Is it making you squirm just thinking about it?  Feel like washing your socks and getting new shoes?  Unfortunately, it's not that easy!  It is very difficult to cure.

Signs and Symptoms

In the beginning of the infection you may not notice much of a difference at all.  As the infection spreads you may begin to notice patches of white or yellowish-tan on your nail.  It will probably become brittle and may start to split or break.  As the infection progresses your nails will become thicker and may grown at an angle, even becoming ingrown.  Pain may develop which can worsen with contact with your shoes.


An evaluation of your nails with a correct diagnosis is essential because other conditions can look like a fungal infection.  Your doctor may be able to diagnosis it by looking at it or he may need to take a scraping of your nail and send it to a lab for accurate identification of the fungus.  Topical medications are usually not effective in these cases because the infection grows under the nail and topical medications simply cannot penetrate the nail to get to the fungus underneath.  Inexpensive oral mediation is available that is very effective in clearing these infections because it reaches the nail bed through the blood steam.  The medicine is taken for 3 months and your liver function will need to be checked through a very simple blood test.


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