Injury Prevention and Treatment


We cover a variety of injuries, their treatments, and ways to prevent those injuries in the links below.  


Many people enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle and thus play a wide variety of sports and participate in many different activities for exercise and enjoyment. Along with that, comes the threat of injuries. We outline the more common injuries as well as ways to treat and prevent them. …learn more
Shoes, Socks and Orthotics
Well-fitting, quality shoes are a must to provide support and stabilization as well as prevent injury. Socks are also important to provide padding and keep the feet dry. Orthotics add another layer of support for your feet. …learn more
Common Skin Injuries to the Feet
Blisters, subungual hematomas and contusion are common injuries to the skin of the foot and ankle. They are often painful and should be evaluated by a podiatrist if there are signs of infection and to determine the extent of the injury. …learn more
Forefoot Injuries
Extensor tendonitis and Morton's neuroma are 2 common conditions of the forefoot. Your podiatrist can provide treatment to help relieve the sypmtoms and prevent repeat problems. …learn more
Midfoot Injuries
Injuries of the midfoot are rare but can be serious if left untreated. They range from mild sprains to fracture-dislocations. Signs and symptoms include pain, swelling, and the inability to bear weight on your foot. …learn more
Rearfoot Injuries
A very common rearfoot injury is heel pain caused by Plantar Fasciitis. Achilles Tendonitis occurs when the tendon that runs from the back of the calf to the heel (Achilles) is strained, causing tears. Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome is a painful condition seen mostly in active adults and occurs when the tibial nerve is compressed. …learn more
Ankle Injuries
An ankle sprain is one of the most common injuries of the ankles in people, whether you are an athlete or not. This is caused when the ligaments that hold the ankle joints in place are stretched beyond their limits. Rest, ice, elevation and compression are the treatments for most sprains. …learn more
Leg Injuries
Shin splints are a painful problem that is caused by repeated stress to the bones and muscles without proper conditioning or rest between activity. Compartment Syndrome occurs when there is a traumatic injury, often a strong blow to the leg, or swelling following surgery. It can be an acute problem requiring a trip to the emergency room to relieve the pressure in the leg. …learn more

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