Forefoot Injuries

Extensor Tendonitis is a common condition of the forefoot caused when the tendons stretching over the top of the foot to the toes become over-stressed and inflamed.  The main causes include tight shoelaces or shoes, falling of the arch or over doing it while exercising.  Treatment include stretching the calf muscles and anti-inflammatory medications.  More severe cases may require surgery.  To help prevent this in the future make sure your shoes fit properly.  Your podiatrist may also recommend orthotics to help support and stabilize your feet.

Morton's Neuromas are usually benign or non-cancerous growths of nerve tissue between the third and fourth toes of the forefoot.  Repetitive stress, injury or irritation can cause this condition by causing the tissue around a nerve thickens and causes sharp, stabbing pain or numbness.  To prevent neuromas make sure your shoes fit properly and stretch and warm-up before exercising.  Treatment includes proper shoes, icing and stretching as well as injections to relieve the pain and irritation.  Surgery may be requiredti remove the neuroma for more severe cases.

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