Leg Injuries

Shin splints are a painful problem that is caused by repeated stress to the bones and muscles without proper conditioning or rest between activity.  Proper stretching and warm-up exercises help prevent this condition as well as wearing proper fitting footwear for your activity.  Ice, taping, orthotics and braces can help control and prevent shin splints.

Compartment Syndrome occurs when there is a traumatic injury, often a strong blow to the leg, or swelling following surgery.  When pressure builds up in the leg, the compartment containing the muscle and nerve fibers cannot easily expand.  It can be an acute problem requiring a trip to the emergency room to relieve the pressure in the leg.  Without it, the syndrome can lead to paralysis, loss of the limb and even death.  The chronic condition brings pain, swelling, burning and numbness.  These symptoms often disappear after resting.  Please see your podiatrist right away as pressure may need to be relieved to prevent further injury.

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