Wound Management

A foot wound, also as known as an ulcer, can be scary.  Whether it's caused by diabetes, peripheral neuropathy, trauma, or some other reason, an ulcer increases the chance of infection, which can spread to bone and lead to amputation.  Early detection is critical and Family Foot Health Specialists makes it its mission to aggressively treat and heal wounds to ensure our patients will be walking for years to come.

Chronic wounds are often the result from other serious health problems such as diabetes, heart disease and blood circulation disorders. Other contributing factors include smoking, poor nutrition, abnormal pressure on skin over the bony areas of the foot.  For people with diabetes, diabetic ulcers and diabetic wounds are a main cause of forming diabetic foot infections, which can put the limb at risk.

Wounds that do not heal are of particular concern because of the risk of infection.  As the wound deepens, an infection within the wound may travel to bone. This situation is the number one cause of amputations of the lower leg.  This is why you should never wait for a wound to heal "on its own."  Call our office today if you have any questions or concerns regarding a wound you may have.  

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