Dr. Denise M. Dorner


– College of Podiatric Medicine & Surgery
– Residency
– UAMC-Albuquerque NM, College of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery
– Univ. of Osteoopathic Medicine and Health Sciences
– Hospital/Surgical Affilitations
– San Juan Regional Medical Center Farmington, NM
– Four Corners Surgery Center

Get to Know your Doctor thru these Q & A’s:

Q: Why did you become a podiatist?

A: I have always been very active and in college I ran track and developed some foot problems. I went to see a podiatrist who solved my problems and got me running again and that was how I was introduced to podiatry. I saw first hand how much a foot problem can affect your quality of life and keep you from the activities you love the most. I really felt I wanted to help others who were experiencing the the same thing.

Q: How does your experience contribute to your patient’s care?

A: As an older and prevously injuried athlete, I understand the emotional impact of injuries. My goal is to try to return my patients to whatever their activity is. However, I have realized that sometimes this may require cross training or changing the amount of their activity they get to participate in. I believe the body with heal with the proper care and patience.