What We Treat

We specialize in a wide variety of podiatric needs, from the irritating ingrown toenail to more serious conditions, like diabetes or sports injuries.

Medical Conditions
Whatever your condition, we can help. Below is a list of just some of the conditions we treat on a regular basis; for the full list, please visit our Learning Library to learn more about what ails you and see what treatment options exist.

Wound Management
A foot wound, also as known as an ulcer, can be scary. Whether caused by diabetes, peripheral neuropathy, trauma, or some other reason, an ulcer increases the chance of infection, which can spread to bone and lead to amputation. Early detection is critical, and we at Family Foot Health Specialists makes it our mission to aggressively treat and heal wounds to ensure our patients will be walking for years to come.

Please visit our Learning Library for detailed information about wound management.

Injury Prevention and Treatment
Many people enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle, and thus play a wide variety of sports and participate in many different activities for exercise and enjoyment. Along with these activities comes the threat of injuries. We specializing in diagnosing and treating injuries in the different parts of the foot and ankle, as well as offer our patients ways in which to prevent prevent them.

Please visit our Learning Library for detailed information about injury prevention and treatment.