Cysts are fluid filled masses under the skin.  Common cysts include synovial cysts, ganglia, and cutaneous mucoid cysts.  Most cysts of the feet are located just under the skin and are mildly painful because of pressure from your shoes.  A sharper pain can be felt if the cyst presses on a nerve.

Signs and Symptoms

You will probably notice swelling on or around a joint or tendon in the foot.  It may or may not be painful.


Comfortable, well-fitting shoes are the best preventative measures against cysts although the cause of ganglion cysts is unknown.  Certain cysts such as the synovial or ganglionic cysts can be found in tendon or bone which makes treatment much more difficult.  Cysts are normally removed through surgery and usually be done right in our in-office surgical suite.  The procedure involves dissecting the cyst from the surrounding soft tissues and removing it.  The recovery period depends on where the cyst was located and how much tissue has to be removed.

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